Nuby’s Flip N Sip Trainer Cup


After trying many trainer cups I have finally found one worthy of a blog post. Thank you Nuby

Every parent will know how difficult it is to find a cup or beaker, which your baby understand how to use but also enjoys drinking from. We went through numerous trainer cups and beakers in an attempt to find one suitable. Never mind trying to find one, which doesn’t leak and is easy to carry. I was trilled when the lovely team at Nuby sent us a Flip N Sip Trainer Cup, a number one selling trainer cup and is dentist approved.

The Flip N Sip is made from super strong, BPA free, Tritan meaning it can survive drops and tantrums without shattering or smashing. Ralph has put this to the test by throwing it off his highchair onto the patio and laminate flooring. Every part of the cup is dishwasher safe and extremely easy to clean. We are currently still sterilising and it has resisted any damage, including no scratches to the design.

Prior to finding this holy grail it was a bit of a struggle to get Ralph to drink enough water and understand what he was meant to do. It can help to try out the straw yourself, as there is a trick to using the cup, as all of the straw needs to be in the baby’s mouth, not just the tip. This means they can firmly grip the straw valve, making it easier to suck. I was amazed with how quickly Ralph got the hang of this and how much water he was able to drink. I also find the straw design, means Ralph seems to find it more fun and now happily sips away.

The cup is also lightweight, meaning it is super easy for little hands to carry and pick up. I am really impressed with the design of the handles, as Ralph is only 6 months old and though he hasn’t perfected the hand eye coordination of getting the straw in his mouth on his own, he can lift the cup up properly with the handles.

The cup states it is perfect for ages 6 months + but I also love how adaptable the trainer cup is for many years to come. By removing the straw/handle top it easily converts into a sturdy cup.

So the cup is strong, durable, lightweight, adaptable and easy to clean but does it leak I hear all you parents cry. I was really shocked with how many baby cups advertise they are no spill but after a few washes, bangs or being left on their side they spill everywhere. When the cap is set to closed it is completely no spill. Nuby are very clear that once the cap is opened it will leak but I was shocked with how little liquid actually leaks out, it is more of a slow drip.

If you’ve tried an endless amount of cups and your baby still isn’t getting the hang I would 100% recommend this cup. The only problem you will have is choosing from the many cute and colourful designs.

Let me know in the comments if you have found any other great cups for your little ones.

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