Free printable activity from

The summer holidays are around the corner and I am sure those looking after little ones will be starting to think of how you are going to keep them entertained. The fabulous have given me a summer and spring worksheet for you to access for free. This is an excellent activity for preschoolers for … Continue reading Free printable activity from

My Birth Trauma Journey

I originally wrote this post a couple of months ago and couldn't decide whether to keep it to myself or share it. This was mainly because of the fear I would receive unkind comments, like 'surely you should have got over this by now.' (Yes this was actually said to me) However, I have realised … Continue reading My Birth Trauma Journey

Venture Heavy Duty Car Seat Protector

  If I am completely honest, before receiving this product, I didnโ€™t even know a product for protecting seats from car seat damage existed! Maybe it is because I donโ€™t really take much of an interest in car accessories or maybe I just hadnโ€™t thought about protecting our car seats from compression damage and marks. … Continue reading Venture Heavy Duty Car Seat Protector