Minene Storage boxes, basket and dribble bibs.

When I was pregnant with Ralph and was creating his nursery I imagined this organised, tidy and clear space. 7 months down the line after countless beautiful gifts and grandparents who can’t walk past a baby shop without purchasing something, Ralph’s room is bursting at the seams. When we received a Minene’s storage basket and two boxes I was very excited to see if they would relieve some of the clutter and help better organise Ralph’s room.

The large storage basket and boxes are perfect for storing swim kits, toys, clothes and bedding to name a few ideas. We used our basket to storage cuddle teddies as our house is currently over run by them… how do little one’s accumulate so many? In the boxes we have stored bedding and clothes. We were amazed with how easy the boxes were to assemble and how well both items have kept their shape. The boxes fold down flat when not in use and the basket can be folded down and stored inside the boxes.

The boxes are an amazing size, measuring 60x49x17cm and are a great height for little ones to explore, meaning they can also help with the tidy up. The boxes come with lids and easily slide under a standard crib. The baskets come in two different sizes 45cmx40cm and 18cmx22cm, meaning the smaller one is perfect for ear buds, nappies, sensory baskets and face clothes.

The functional and practical design, of the baskets were shortlisted for the Junior Design 2013 and the quilted design provides a high quality feel. Both the baskets and boxes are made from soft cotton, which is arzo free and super easy to wipe clean.

Minene’s products have lovely homely design, which will suit any room and colour scheme. I love how the designs are not overly babified, meaning it will grow with Ralph and they are all designed in the UK. I would even use them in other rooms in my home, as they are so versatile and could be used for storing throws or pillows in the living room or for storing toys, which have spilled over into other rooms.

Minene’s innovative and unique designs are available from their online store, John Lewis and House of Fraser. Minene also have a range of other products such as: dribble bibs, foot muffs, clothing, feeding accessories and towels. We were also luckily to receive a pack of dribble bibs, which are super soft and very cute. I love the towel packing, which makes them extra absorbent and stops the dribble leaking through to Ralph’s t-shirt.

I haven’t been able to find any fault or design flaw with these products they are sturdy, stylish and compliment any room. Their clever design means they can store a large amount of items without taking up a lot of floor space. As Ralph’s toy collection grows more baskets and boxes will be a must to purchase.

Let me know in the comments if you have discovered the wonders of Minene and which designs are your favourite.

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