Vanish Oxi Action Stain Remover


A couple of months ago Ace asked me to review their stain remover and now I’ve been super lucky to have been asked to review Vanish’s stain remover. You can read the original review for Ace here

Where as, Ace’s stain remover was water based Vanish is gel based, meaning it can be a messier product. The opening to the bottle is quite wide and you can easily over pour. I found decanting some into the applicator cap provided and then pouring it on to the stain, reduced any product waste and gave more control when pouring. I know this sounds like a bit of a hassle but I think it’s worth it, due to the products cleaning power. The applicator cap is marked with easy to see and feel measurements, something which Ace fell short with. The applicator is a really handy size and easy to grip when you are giving those stains some elbow grease.

I love how the instructions are clearly laid out and easy to follow. They are in a tier on the back of the product and demonstrate how the product can be used in the wash, as a pre-treatment and for soaking. I tried all three ways and was remarkable surprised with the results each way. I also combined all three on one of Ralph’s baby rompers when he had a blow out, as I doubted Vanish’s strength but it lifted the mess no problem, leaving no residue.

Something I was really surprised to see on the packaging was their claims that it is a 30 seconds stain remover. I honestly didn’t believe it. However once you have poured the product onto the stain and worked it in a little with the cap you can actually see the stain lifting. It was like magic and oddly satisfying watching the stain literally vanish. I would say if you have a heavy stained item I would leave it to soak more than 30 seconds, just to make sure and avoid having to rewash.

The other claim I found difficult to believe was the product would work at low temperatures. All the stains I tested the product on were washed at 30 or 40 degrees and as you will see further on in this post all the stains were removed first time. When I tested Ace’s stain remover I was at 40 – 60 degrees and there was just one stain, which had to be treated with another one of their products. You can read that review here

When buying a stain remover not only is it’s stain removing power important to me but also its fragrance. I don’t want a fantastic working stain remover but at the expense of having my clothes smelling like bleach. Vanish delivers on both of these claims and my washing was left smelling extremely fresh and not clinical smelling.

So what you have all been waiting for how did the product actually work?

The first stain I tested was curry on a tea towel and dressing gown, which I didn’t have chance to soak right away. As the stain had dried I pre-treated the garments and left the solution to soak in for 30 seconds. I then added 50ml to the drawer, crossed my fingers and prayed to the washing gods I wouldn’t have to buy a new dressing gown. Please note it is suggested you use more if you adding it to the wash. As you can see in the picture, despite using less than advised, it has lifted the stain wonderfully on both items. I’ve also put up pictures of the stains during the 30 second pre-treat period and you can see how much it has dispersed the stain.


thumbnail_Image-1 (2)

The second stain I put Vanish to the test with was baby poo. We’ve all been there, well us parents have, when your tiny human has an almighty nappy blow out. I used to chuck out Ralph’s clothes but now he’s started on solids they happen a little more often so he wouldn’t have any clothes left. Ace dealt with baby poo really well and Vanish lived up to the same standard. However, I must say that Vanish enhanced the colour of the clothing better than Ace did. I know these photo’s had slightly different lighting but there is a noticeable difference in person. This was also the same with an all white wash I did. Vanish really brightened and enhanced my white wash, far more than Ace.

thumbnail_Image-1 (1).jpg

One worry I did have with Vanish being gel based was how it would affect my son’s sensitive skin. So far we have had no problems with his skin being affected and he has worn a number of baby grows, which have had Vanish in the wash or had a pre soaked Vanish garment. The product does advise gloves should be worn when handling the product but I have so far been fine without using any. I wouldn’t advise you do the same.

Even though, Ace shocked me with it’s results and it is usually cheaper than Vanish, Vanish has removed all stains first time. Vanish delivered on all their impressive claims and the product is far easier to open. I think both products work equally as well on lightly solid items but if you have a heavy duty stain it’s Vanish who will save the day.

Let me know in the comments if you have discovered the power of Vanish or if you think Ace works better. Also I would love to hear what other stains you have tackled.


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