Ace Multipurpose Spray and Stain Remover


So the lovely team at Ace have sent me two of their products to trial and review. The first product I will be reviewing is the Multipurpose Spray and Stain Remover. Yes, two staple household cleaners in one bottle. I was skeptical when I first received this product. Surely you need at least two separate products for cleaning, degreasing and stain removing?  But the science behind it states it uses the hygiene power of hydrogen peroxide and the cleaning power of a degreaser. So since finding out I was going to be receiving this product I have let the grime and dirt build in a few key areas. Grim, I know but I really wanted to but it to the test and here are my findings.

The first job I tackled was the oil and grease build up around my hob. I sprayed the product and left it for a few minutes to soak in, as the instructions stated. I was surprised with how much surface area one spray covered but still thought I would have to really scrub but a simple wipe was all it took. It was like it had just melted away the grease. My hob was left grime and streak free with no left over stickiness. The photograph below shows how amazing the results were after one try and one wipe down.

The second job I tackled was the draining board. I usually clean this every other day but to give Ace a real test I have left it for 2 weeks. Again I sprayed, left for a few minutes and wiped clean. As you can see from the picture there isn’t one stain or mark left untouched.

So after tacking the house I tried the product on fresh stains. My first stain was mustard, which I managed to spray straight away and leave to soak. I washed the item immediately after soaking and here are the results.

You can still vaguely see the stain but overall I am still pretty happy with the results. I normally use Vanish on stains and would expect similar results. Check out my other blog post in a few days to see if Ace’s in wash stain remover can fully shift it.

The second stain I tried was baby poop. All new parents will know the delight of having to deal with an explosive poo. I usually chuck these poop soaked garments straight into the bin but the packaging stated it would work on baby soiling, so I thought it was worth a go. I was astonished with how easy the mark came out. There wasn’t even a slight mark left, as you can see from the picture below. I would say that for stains to lift first time it is best to spray the stain straight away and wash as soon as possible

In relation to the scent I like my home to smell clean without it smelling too clinical and Ace have found a great compromise. The product isn’t overpowering and doesn’t leave a chlorine based smell. Instead it is very light and fresh but still makes me think it is just as powerful as bleach.

My only criticism would be the nozzle was difficult to grip and turn, meaning I have had to keep the product set to on. This isn’t great if you have little ones who are prowling through kitchen cupboards.

I am super happy with this space saving product and it gives more expensive products a real challenge to compete with, in terms of effectiveness at removing grease and value. For general cleaning it sadly fairs no better than my trustee dettol spray but its’s degreasing action  and stain remover is something to be marveled at.


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