Ace’s Gentle Stain Remover

If you have read my other post you’ll know I was sent a couple of products from the great team at Ace and this is the second blog post, focusing on their gentle stain remover for use in the washing machine.



This product is super handy as you can just add it straight in the drum, no messing with the detergent drawer or figuring out which section to put it. The cap is marked with the measurements needed but the instructions state a dosing ball should be used but one isn’t supplied. You can also add the product straight to a stain or leave it to soak, so in theory it should work well on tough stains and more manageable stains.

I used the product in the drum with a load of dark washing and the tea towel from my previous blog post. You can check out my blog on the multipurpose stain remover here. None of the colours in the wash were damaged and the washing came out smelling floral and very clean. The in wash stain remover fully removed the stain from the tea towel, which Ace’s multipurpose stain remover didn’t fully remove. 

I also tested the product neat on a couple of stubborn carpet stains. I poured a small about on to the stain, worked into a lather and sponged clean. The pictures below speak for themselves and the carpet was still wet in the pictures. It really took no effort at all and has removed the stains wonderfully. It even worked on a small mark on my leather sofa, which I cleaned whilst doing the carpet.

The scent is fresh and light and not overbearing or chemical. Before I had Ralph I didn’t mind if a product had a chemical smell but I now prefer a product, which will be kind on his skin but still fill me with confidence that the job will be done first time.

As the product is liquid based and has a water like texture it is less wasteful than a gel product, which can stick to the inside packaging. My usual stain remover Vanish is much thicker and therefore less is needed but it is more expensive. Another criticism is it was ridiculously hard to open. I just couldn’t get a grip of the lid and had to wait for my husband to come home.

Overall I am super happy with how well this product has worked. Another space saving product as it also doubles up as a carpet stain remover as well as a clothes stain remover. It is amazing value compared with other products on the market and works just as well. Even though, the product states it is gentle please don’t confuse this with ineffective.

Let me know in the comments if you have used Ace for any unusual reasons.

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