Queen Bee Naturals Baby Balm


If your little one suffers from eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, teething rash and cradle cap then I think I might have found your solution. I have tried lots of products to tackle Ralph’s dry skin and cradle cap including Aveeno and Children’s Farm. Though these products have cleared up his dry skin, a lot, it hasn’t fully got rid of it. So when I was asked to review Queen Bee Natural’s Baby Balm I expected similar results. However, I have been nothing but impressed and find new uses for this product every day.

Queen Bee Natural’s are cruelty free and free from perfumes, artificial ingredients, colourants and preservatives. As their products are 100% natural and organic they can be used as many times as needed. They have also won numerous awards including North Ireland’s Most Inspiring Women 2016 and Best Mid Ulster Business 2015.

The Baby Balm’s packaging is 100% recyclable and very natural and organic looking. The product description, ingredients and instructions are clear and easy to locate. I loved how the packaging just had what was needed and wasn’t cluttered with lots of unnecessary details. Even though, the packaging is no frills it is still attractive and rustic looking. The balm is in a tub with a screw lid and it’s size is perfect for taking out and about. Having a screw lid and being a balm means that it doesn’t leak. I recently had an incident were the push down top, on the Children’s Farm bottle, managed to be repeatedly pressed down in Ralph’s changing bag meaning there was moisturiser everywhere.

On opening the balm you are not hit by any scent but as you work the product there is a slight scent, which builds. The scent is natural and gentle but difficult to describe. It’s very mild but I could smell a little bees wax and shea butter. The scent is very pleasant, especially for babies, and a lot of people have commented on how nice Ralph smells.

When I first used the Baby Balm I used a little too much and it ended up being quite greasy and was difficult to absorb. A little bit goes a long way and I have found it is better to put a bit on your babies skin and leave to warm for a few seconds. By doing this the product turns more to an oil and is easy to rub in and then absorbs really well, leaving no greasy residue. The balm also leaves a protective layer on the skin so you don’t have to constantly keep reapplying.

I mainly tested the product on Ralph’s dry skin and cradle cap. I was worried at first that the balm would leave the little hair he has looking greasy but this has not been the case at all. In fact me and my husband swear since using the product he has grown more hair! His skin used to be so dry that I couldn’t dress him in dark colours as they would highlight how much dead skin was coming of him. The pictures below were taken a week apart, before and after we started to use the Baby Balm. The balm has cleared up Ralph’s skin extremely quickly and hasn’t left him feeling or looking shinier or greasy. He till has a little dry skin on his head but this was his worse part.

Not only can this product be used all over the body and for nappy rash, eczema, dry skin, teething rash, cradle cap, psoriasis and dermatitis but it is also great for mummys too. Any left over product I rubbed into my own hands and it has cleared up my dry skin and made them much softer and supple. It also triples up as a lip balm too, as every time you give your little one a kiss you get a lovely treat for your lips.

The product is also surprisingly affordable at £12.50 a tub. Compared with similar products on the market and how little of the product you need to use it is definitely a purse friendly winner.

In conclusion this product cleared up Ralph’s skin quickly and provided the intense moisterisation his skin needed. The balm is perfect for daily use as it is so natural and gentle. Don’t let the name fool you though it is so much more than a baby balm.


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