Cofresh Cheese and Onion Potato Grills

Just when I thought this company couldn’t offer any more variety in their range I was asked to review their cheese and onion flavoured potato grills. Yes, Cofresh also do non Indian flavoured snacks.

In terms of texture and shape they are the same as the Chilli and Lime Potato Grills, which I reviewed a couple of weeks ago. You can check out the post here 

This product is both extremely cheese and extremely oniony, neither flavours are skimped on and both compliment each other. Being so powerful the flavour lasts and builds and is kept locked in by the unusual shape. The shape kind of reminds me of a half slinky toy. Those toys which you could make walk down the stairs. Please say you know what I mean?

The cheese and onion potato grills have a very intense smell. If you love cheesy products than you will inhale these grills. The full on cheesy scent gives this classic a bit of a twist, which is in keeping with the rest of the Cofresh range.

If you like your flavours and products to be full on and intense this is for you. As with all products from cofresh the are extremely addictive and the perfect addition to any movie night.




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