Dermalex’s Repair and Restore

Since Ralph has been about 3 months old he has suffered with really dry skin, which can get sore and itchy. We have had numerous diagnoses and currently the GP has put it down to baby eczema, which hopefully he should grow out of. I feel exasperated with how many products we have tried, including both prescription and over the counter creams but they have never fully healed Ralph’s skin or they have side effects. When I speak with other parents, who’s children have eczema or dry skin, they all say the same thing ‘nothing seems to work.’ Hopefully after reading this review you will have a found product which actually repairs the damaged skin and restores it to how baby skin should feel.
If you follow my blog you will know I wrote a review about Queen Bee Naturals Baby Balm, which was amazing at creating a protective barrier but it didn’t really leave Ralph’s skin with that baby soft feeling. When I was given the opportunity to test Dermalex’s Repair and Restore moisturiser I didn’t really expect it to have the results it did. I honestly thought it would be another mediocre product, which might help for a little while but not shift the eczema completely or leave Ralph’s skin feeling compromised. I am so thankfully that I have been proved completely wrong.
Dermalex is super easy to apply and a little bit goes a long way, as it is in a squeezy bottle so if virtually impossible to over use. One of my pet hates when it comes to creams designed for babies is that they can leave your baby so slippery you can barely keep hold of them. This cream absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave any greasy residue but you can still feel that the cream leaves a protective barrier. Even though it states the product is fragrance free I thought it had a slight scent, but it was barely noticeable and doesn’t contain any perfumes.
Dermalex claims that it can reduce eczema flare ups by 50% if used twice a day during symptoms free periods. After using this product for just 3 days I noticed a dramatic difference in the appearance and texture of Ralph’s skin. After 2 weeks of continuous use all traces of his dry skin had disappeared and his eczema had almost cleared up. Ralph now has just two stubborn patches of eczema left but they do not seem to bother him, they don’t look sore and are smooth to touch. I have put two pictures below of the backs of Ralph’s knees both before (bottom picture) and after (top picture) 2 weeks of use so you can see how much his skin has improved. (Sorry for the quality of these pictures now Ralph is crawling the backs of knees were virtually impossible to photograph)
thumbnail_Image-1 (2)
This is the first time I have found a product, which has cleared up Ralph’s skin without leaving it looking tight or dehydrated. I only have postive things to say about this product and can only wish I had known about it sooner. Gone are the nights of Ralph crying because his skin was so itchy and he no longer scratches the backs of his legs during nappy changes.
Let me know in the comments if you have tried Dermalex’s range or if you have any other products that have cleared up extreme dry skin or eczema.

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