Nuby Uber Soother Review

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I’m sure many parents can empathise with the pain staking ritual of putting your babies dummy in when it falls out. There have been countless nights I have eaten my tea on my knee, perched on the edge of the sofa, replacing my sons dummy every 10 minutes or so. However, this has recently changed when the lovely team at Nuby sent me one of their Uber Soothers which claims it is the only soother you will ever need, as it is suitable from birth to toddler. Perfect as there is nothing worse than finding a product which works but you can only use for so long.

I have tried to fathom why Nuby soothers seem to stay put better compared to other brands we have tried. It seems this is due to their shape and comforting texture. The shape is extremely similar to a nipple and even has slighted raised bumps near the base, imitating a breast even further. As my son was initially breast fed he would often fuss with a soother or not take it properly, playing with it with his tongue, again I think the reason for him taking the Nuby soother so well is its amazing imitation to a nipple. He is also soothed more quickly with the Nuby soother compared to other brands. If your baby is struggling with the transition from breast to bottle or breastfeeds for comfort the Nuby soother is the perfect solution.

Nuby have also made sure their soothers are guilt free, as the decision to use a soother can be one of the first decisions you have to make as a parent. Sounds trivial I know but if your a parent I’m sure it is something you will have weighed up before deciding to use. The orthodontic shape means you don’t have to worry about damaging those pesky teeth and it is BPA free.

From speaking with other mums they have also been surprised with how well the soother stays put. Last week a relative, with young children, mentioned she had picked up a Nuby soother and was also impressed at how well her children were soothed by them.

My only criticism of the Uber soother is though the teat sterilises really well the Nuby transfer has started to come off. As I have a bit of soother snobbery I want people to know I am using a brand of soother which has strong attributes so would love the Nuby name to be embossed into the soother itself.

I love this soother so much that I have an intense fear of misplacing or losing it. In fact, as a result of receiving this soother I have bought a further 3, just in case my fear comes true. So rather than embark on a journey of testing multiple brands of soothers, I urge you to try this one first and save yourself the time, money and effort.


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