How I Make and Save Money Shopping at Boots

Last week, at Ralph’s Baby Play Group, I got talking to a few other mums and the topic of where we bought our babies skin care products from, was raised. A couple of mums said they picked their products up during their weekly shopping trips and some others bought them at discount stores. There was only myself and one other mum who purchased our babies products from Boots and it seemed this was largely due to price. As one mum stated ‘why on earth would you buy there, when their products are sometimes 3 times more expensive.’

For me there are three reasons why I shop at Boots:

  1. Ralph has quite dry skin, which responds well to specialist skin care products. I can’t regularly rely on supermarkets and discount stores to stock them. There is nothing worse than making a trip somewhere for something specific to find it is no longer stocked.
  2. I love the atmosphere, extremely helpful and polite staff and baby friendly access of Boots. If someone asked me before I had Ralph if I would have preferred to save money at the expense of a more hassled shopping experience I would have said save money every time. After my first couple of outings with Ralph I would chose spending money over hassle any day.
  3. (The biggest reason) I actually save and make money by shopping at Boots and guess what you can too, if you continue reading.

So here are my six tips and tricks for saving money at Boots, whether you are a parent or not.

Sign up for a Boots Advantage Points CardBoot’s Advantage Point Scheme is very well known and one of the most popular loyalty schemes in the UK. One point is worth 1p so 199 points would be £1.99 and those points soon rack up. If you forget your Boots Advantage Card, as my baby brain often does, you can ask the cashier to validate the receipt and on your next trip the points can be transferred over. By signing up you will also receive statements through the post, which contains money off coupons but point maximising coupons as well. For example double or triple point coupons, which usually have no minimum spend and can be combined with other vouchers in the same transaction.

Check out the Boots App – This is something I find is always worth doing as you never know what offer you might stumble upon.  The App has replaced the kiosks, which you used to be able to use in store. The Apps helps you get the most out of your advantage card by offering you access to exclusive offers. It’s super simple too, just tap the offer and it will be uploaded to your card.

Save big purchases or shopping sprees for Mega Points WeekendsThese special weekends can be online and in-store, so perfect for those days when it’s a real struggle to get out of the house. Usually the offer is 1,000 points when you spend £50, which is worth £10, a great saving.

Pick up a copy of the Boots Advantage Card MagazinesThe magazine is nearly always located at the checkout so it’s virtually impossible to forget about. It is free for Boots Advantage Card Holders and the back page is filled with coupons to spend in store. It also has a minimum of two competitions and sometimes the advertisements also have coupons or offers on them.

Sign up to the Boots Parenting Club and Over 60’s Club Obviously this is only applicable if you have children or are over 60. You can find out more about the Over 60’s Club here. The Parenting Club allows you to collect 10 points for every £1, when you buy baby products. You will also receive more offers and coupons in their free parenting magazine., which also has a ton of advice in. These can also be used in conjunction with other Boots coupons. I signed up when I was pregnant and have already received 3 magazines and a free mam bottle. Click here to sign up.

Sign up to Valued Opinions to receive Boots gift vouchersValued Opinions is a market research panel, which allows you to earn money in return for answering surveys. From completing 4 surveys a week I can more than guarantee a £10 voucher per month. You can find the sign up link to Valued Opinions and other survey sites on my blogs post Companies Who Are Making My Dreams Come True

Once you have made these 6 tips and tricks part of your shopping routine it really won’t take much thinking about, as I know it can seem overwhelming at first. If you plan your purchases, combine offers and get your coupons ready beforehand you can save yourself money, which all adds up. Please don’t be put off give it a go and let me know in the comments if you were able to save money or if you have any other ways to save with Boots.


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