Milton Washing Up Liquid



For any new parent a huge part of caring for your bundle of joy is making sure their bottles, teats, medicine spoons/syringes and dummies are kept well cleaned and sterile. A lot of parents complain about greasy marks and a white film, which can build up in bottles if not properly washed, causing a breeding ground for bacteria to harbour and thrive. The thought of this when I first brought my son home was daunting, especially as it was drummed into me by my Health Visitor, even before he was born, the importance of keeping feeding equipment clean. However, I need not have worried as the brilliant team at Milton, who already have a well trusted product line, have produced a washing up liquid, which solves all these common problems and is made with babies in mind.

My main thought was how is Milton washing up liquid different to non specialised/every day washing up liquid? As many of you know I hate clutter the thought of two washing up bottles on my drainer, if they both worked the same, was something I wasn’t too keen on. The main difference I’ve found is the everyday washing up liquid can have a strong fragrance, which can transfer onto bottles over time. Where as Milton’s washing up liquid is fragrance free and leaves no chemical residue. Also, it is rare every day washing up liquid is created with the idea of being gentle on skin. However, Milton is one step ahead and have catered for this need too, as their product is created with sensitive skin in mine and is dermatologically tested.

I prefer Milton’s washing up liquid over their other products because it requires no mixing or diluting and no extra equipment. The easy pump action means with one quick press the product is ready, no messing and no time wasting. One pump also goes a long way, I currently use two pumps to wash 6 bottles and a couple of medicine spoons and dummies. I have been using the product for 3 weeks and as you can see from the picture above there is still a lot to get through.

Needless to say we now have two bottles of washing up liquid and will continue to have two bottles on the drainer for some time to come.  For those mums, like myself, who worry about putting bottles in the dishwasher in fear of them becoming contaminated with oils and fats from food, this is a great product. I love how Milton’s washing up liquid cleans bottles extremely well, first time and provides me with confidence that my baby’s bottles will be as clean as possible.



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