Lentinex Drops


There are a ton of health products on the market, which make massive statements about how amazing they will make you feel for putting in minimal effort. I’m guessing I’m not the only one who is very skeptical about these types of products and their claims. However, when the amazing team at Glycanova asked me if I would give them their first UK review on their new product, Lentinex, I was immediately interested. This was because Glycanova is the same company who make Ganodex, which has remarkable improved both mine and Ralph’s skin. (You can read that review here) The trust I have in Glycanova products and the amazing testimonies from other countries inspired me and gave me faith to give it a try.

Lentinex is a Ξ²-glucan based product which has been scientifically proven to boost immune systems. In basic terms in contains the fungus Lentinula which is fermented from edodes. The benefits include improving immunity, lowering blood pressure, prevents catching colds and flu and has anti aging properties. Lentinex contains no preservative and is pesticides, solvents, heavy metals or other animal feed and is toxin free.

The team advised me to take 15 drops a day and with a tiny human who likes to sneeze in my face this sounded like a dream product. I did find counting the drops difficult, as they come out quickly so I now measure out 1.5ml.

After 1 week of trying these drops I felt a lot brighter and less sluggish. After 2 weeks my husband and son both came down with a sickness bug, which I remarkable didn’t catch. Even when I have been running on empty, I haven’t felt as weak and lifeless as I usually do. I have also noticed an improvement in my skin and haven’t had as many breakouts. As I have stated above I was initially skeptical of this product but have been completely surprised with the results and cannot believe how great I have felt. After 4 weeks the drops are a must in my routine and I haven’t caught a single cold or bug. I generally feel a lot more healthier and more able to deal with days when I don’t get enough sleep.

There is only one negative and that is the taste. Initially it tastes very bitter and leaves a strong after taste. After a couple of uses I started to get used to the taste and discovered a quick drink afterwards removed the taste completely. However, the team at Lentinex told me it could be added to food. I have given this a try in our cereal and yoghurts and you honestly cannot taste or tell that anything has been added. Adding it into my food is definitely how we will be taking Lentinex from now on.

You can purchase Lentinex from Amazon for Β£23.29

If you have any questions regarding Lentinex please leave them in the comments and I will get back to you.

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