When the lovely team at Ganodex contacted me asking if I would like to trial their cream I was really excited, as I have been trying to find an alternative cream to Ralph’s steroid based creams for some time.

As I was using this cream on Ralph, who is 13 months old, I researched Ganodex thoroughly and was impressed with the reviews and testimonies they had received from people suffering with stubborn dry skin, eczema or psoriasis. Also, the cream is formulated for both adults and children. How often do you come across a cream, which meets the needs of your whole family? This also meant I wouldn’t need to purchase two different creams or feel anxious about using creams, which are marketed more for adult use. The final reassurance I needed, to give this cream a try, was it wasn’t filled with chemicals and to my surprised it is the first natural moisturiser for problem skin. It’s main ingredients being coconut oil and honey and is completely steroid and paraben free.

Ralph has suffered from dry skin and baby eczema since he was a couple of months old. Luckily the majority of it has now cleared but he has been left with some stubborn patches of dry cracked skin, which can flare up bright red and often look sore. For obvious reasons I prefer to use prescription steroid based gels only when absolutely necessary. I have tried various different creams and lotions from cheap to expensive and nothing has fully shifted the remaining dry skin.

The photographs below are before starting Ganodex cream. (I apologise that these pictures are not the clearest but trying to get a clear picture of a 13 month’s old foot was extremely difficult)


Ralph’s prescription creams are incredible thick, making them hard to massage and absorb into his skin. From the first time using Ganodex I was amazed with how easily the cream glided, rather than dragged. Within seconds it was fully absorbed, leaving his skin feeling smooth and protected. It was almost as if Ganodex had put a protective layer on his skin,  smoothing over the cracks of his dry skin. Ganodex didn’t leave Ralph’s skin feeling or looking greasy. This is something I hate about his prescription creams, as the wall near his nappy changing area has become covered in greasy hand prints.

Ganodex seemed to have an instant soothing effect and on first application stopped his skin looking as scaly and tight. Another thing to love is a little bit of the cream goes a long way, due to how it glides over the skin. I found I used around half the cream I would normally use.

We used Ganodex twice daily head to two for two weeks and applied more to his feet throughout the day. After a week the redness was significantly reduced and his skin didn’t feel rough to touch. On the second week his skin was even smoother and the redness is virtually gone. I also haven’t noticed Ralph itching or rubbing his feet.

The pictures below are after using Ganodex twice a day for 2 weeks. (Again I apologise for the quality)


As the cream can be used on all the family I decided to test it on myself, as I have an extremely sore patch of skin on my little finger, which just won’t budge. I initially started to apply it throughout the day, and even though the effect wasn’t instantaneous, after continued use there was a huge improvement. I have photographed below the difference in the skin after 2 weeks of use and you can see how the colour has greatly improved and there is just a small patch of dry skin left.

Overall, I have been extremely impressed with the results and with how quickly they were achieved. Ganodex has proved itself, as a great alternative to steroid based creams. Definitely a must try for anyone suffering from chronic itching or stubborn sores caused from skin conditions.

Ganodex is available to buy from their website for £27.99

UPDATE – Ganodex recently sent me their latest cream, which they have reformulated in order to improve it’s scent. The cream has a lovely indulgent coconut smell and no longer smells clinical. The honey scent is still present but it is much more subtle and no longer over powering.

Let me know in the comments if you have tried Ganodex it would be great to see your before and after pictures.

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