Entwistle Reservoir

Age when visited – 5 months

Prices – Free including parking

Entwistle Reservoir is a lovely place for a picnic and a stroll on a beautiful day. Parking is amble and free. There is a pay and display on the site but it is currently all taped up. The majority of the walk is pram friendly but can get a little bumpy. Ralph slept through the bumpiest part so it couldn’t have been that bad for him. There was only one bit were me and my husband both looked at each other and laughed but after carrying the pram a short distance we were back to normal path

There are plenty of stopping points, which are great to sit and enjoy the view or devour your picnic. The whole walk, with a couple of breaks, took us an hour and half but we could have stretched this out with natural trails and collecting leaves etc to make into pictures, if Ralph was a little older.ย If you have older ones they can explore the wood or try to spot the fish. Make sure you look out for the Heron.


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