The Boomerang Centre

Age when we took Ralph – 8 weeks


Birth – 5 months – £2.20

6-11 months – £3.70

12 months and over – £4.70

This is one of the first places we took Ralph, as we wanted to start introducing more sensory experiences. We also met one of our friends there who has a two year old. On arrival parking is very limited and we were lucky to get a space on the main car park. You can pack on the street opposite and there is disabled parking on the main car park. When we entered the Boomerang Centre we were greeted by a friendly and helpful receptionist who explained all the facilities and rooms.

After the reception you walk down a corridor to the cafe, which was always extremely busy but kept very clean. Even though, this was our first proper outing looking back it also had the cleanest high chairs I have ever seen in a cafe or restaurant. There is a no shoes policy so there is lockers or open shelving for you to store your belongings in. The cafe is very reasonable and caters for adults and babies.  They were also extremely helpful with offering me some cold water to cool Ralph’s milk down.

Once you have stored all your belonging their are 3 rooms, which are accessed via the cafe: The sensory room, soft play room and interactive room. Due to the age of the children we went to the sensory room and play room.

The sensory room was lovely and calm. It has a sensory bed, large bubble tube, colour-changing ball pool, infinity panel, fibre optic curtain and projector lighting. Both Ralph and his friend loved this room. Once Ralph had finally woke up he was fascinated by all the colours and changing lights. As the room is quite small it is perfect for little ones and great to meet other parents. We spent a couple of hours in total in here, as we split it up with going into the soft play area.

The soft play area is a fantastic space for little tots to run and climb around. Ralph’s friend absolutely loved it, especially the slide which must have seemed huge to her. Be careful as the slide is very fast and little ones aren’t always quick enough to move out the way. The whole area is padded and there is a selection of slides, swings, ball pool, musical instruments, trampoline, tunnels and infinity hut.

They also have great toilets and baby changing facilities. Ralph did a projectile vomit all over me as we were about to leave and the facilities made it so much easier to clean up and change him.

You really could spend the whole day here and all the children we saw were having a great time. Not only is it a really great day out but it is also a great learning opportunity for them, as they can expand their sensory experience and explore cause and effect, colour and number recognition, as well as enhance their gross motor skills. This is somewhere we are definitely planning a trip back too soon.




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