Aldi Swaps

I have been shopping at Aldi for a couple of moths, having switched from Tesco. I originally swapped as Aldi’s baby products had such good reviews and were so cheap. But as time has gone on I have done more and more of my food shopping at Aldi. When I come back with my huge Aldi haul my husband always has a chuckle, as a show off what I have purchased for so little money. He then continues to have a laugh throughout the week, as I tell him how the products ‘actually work.’ It took me awhile to get used to the fact that unbranded and cheaper products can actually work just as well.

From talking with friends and family it seems they also don’t quite believe that Aldi products can work. I have therefore decided to share some of the swaps I have made to let you know how well they work in comparison with branded products. I will continue to update this list and hopefully be able to add a couple of swaps a week, so keep checking back.

Aldi’s Mamia Baby Formula £7.24 vs Aptamil’s Baby Formula £10.99


So this has to be my biggest saving and biggest surprise buy. I was shocked to find that both of these products have nearly exactly the same ingredients. When I did a bit of research I found baby formula has to go under such rigorous testing that they are more or less the same. My little one has tried Aptamil, SMA and Cow and Gate the last two made him constipated and Aptamil is just very expensive. My little one has had no problems with this milk and either have we.

Aldi’s Power Force Thick Bleach 45p vs Domestos Thick Bleach £1.50


I was definitely a brand girl before discovering Aldi so I wouldn’t think twice about picking up Domestos and I swore cheaper products just couldn’t work as well. Aldi’s bleach has tackled the extra same tasks exactly the same the only difference, I am saving £1.05. The only niggle I had is the bleach comes out every quickly so you can over use. I fixed this problem my putting the bleach into a spray bottle.

Aldi’s Extra Mature Cheddar £1.75 vs Cathedral City Mature Cheddar £2.75

We go through a ton of cheese in our house, as my husband is an absolute cheese fiend. When I shopped at Tesco I would religiously buy two packs of Cathedral City Mature Cheddar every week (no pun intended). When I swapped to Aldi I didn’t know how well their cheese would go down with my husband. However, he has never complained once. I rarely eat cheese but I would say Cathedral City is a lot richer and creamier so if I fancied cheese and crackers I would still buy Cathedral City but for everyday sandwiches and in cooking Aldi’s does the job and with a £1 saving it’s even better.

Tesco Mexican Style Bean Burger £1.75 vs Aldi Spicy Bean Quarter Pounders £1.25

There isn’t that much of a saving between these two bean burger, Tesco’s is £1.75, where as Aldi’s in £1.25. Tesco do offer this product as their 3 for £4 deal but Aldi still come in cheaper  as 3 of their products would cos £3.75. Aldi’s version is not so mushed together so you can physically see the different type of veg, something I prefer. However, Tesco’s are crispier and spicier.

McVities Hob Nobs £1.50 vs Aldi’s Oaties 40p

This was one of the mind blowing buys, my husband mocks me for. Oaties are 40p for the same amount Hob Nobs are £1.50. I couldn’t accept that for the difference in price Aldi would be able to compete but they have. In terms of taste they are extremely similar but I would say Oaties are not as dense as Hob Nobs and Hob Nobs are packed with more oats and feel a little more indulgent. However, for a £1.10 saving I don’t mind my biscuit being a little thinner.

Tesco Hummus £1.45 vs Aldi Hummus 80p

Hummus is always a staple on our shopping list and when I shopped at Tesco I paid £1.45 a pot, now I shop at Aldi I save 80p for exactly the same packaging and taste. If I was give both pots I would not be able to tell the difference, as the texture and taste are similar if not identical.

Dettol Surface Wipes £3.35 vs Power Force Surface Wipes 85p

This has been the hardest swap to get my head around. I am an avid Dettol wipe user I use them for everything and easily get through a big packet a week at £3.35. I had seen the Power Force wipes, which have the same claims as Dettol wipes, but was sure they wouldn’t work. My husband convinced me to give them a try and with a £2.50 saving, I haven’t looked back. They are just as moist, don’t rip, work on all surfaces and have tackled all jobs I have faced them with. The only criticism I have is the sticker, which opens and closes the pouch, rips very easily making it difficult to reseal.

Cadbury’s Chocolate Fingers £1.50 vs Belmont Milk Chocolate Fingers 93p

I only ever buy Cadbury’s chocolate fingers when on offer or for a special occasion. However, since discovering Aldi’s version, which taste exactly the same and are cheaper they have been snuck into the trolley more and more. They honesty do taste lovely and are really moreish When not on offer Cadbury’s are £1.50, whereas Aldi’s are 93p but I have seen them reduced further at times to 84p. I would say you get a few fingers less than Cadbury’s but you are still saving 57p, which you could buy another Aldi treat with. The only worry you’ll have is whether to look after your money or waist.

 Fairy Liquid Platinum £1.50 vs Magnum Premium 85p

I have always been very loyal to Fairy and it has been my number one brand for dish washing and laundry. I will be honest I don’t do much washing up, as we do have a dishwasher. I always buy premium washing up liquid, as I use it to soak items before loading into the dishwasher. Fairy has always worked and exceeded my expectations. Well that was until I discovered Aldi’s Magnum Premium, not only is it 65p cheaper than Fairy it also works just as well. I also prefer the smell of Magnum Premium, as it smells so much cleaner and fresher than Fairy. So far I haven’t come across any dish, which Magnum Premium hasn’t be able to tackle. The only draw back is Magnum Premium is a thinner and more runny in texture, meaning I do use a little more than Fairy and therefore go through the product a bit faster.


Let me know in the comments your Aldi finds or any product you would like me to put to the test. Remember to keep checking back as I will be adding to this post each week.

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