Gujarati Mix vs Bombay mix

thumbnail_IMG_2014So I’ve decided to test the Gujarati mix and the Bombay mix to see which one is better, as they are both quite similar in appearance.

The Gujarati mix is very lime based and even though you are not hit by the spice immediately it does build up. Where as, the Bombay mix is instantly spicy and just keeps getting hotter, perfect for a spice fan. The Gujarati mix is quite dry and doesn’t leave you with greasy fingers, so it does feel like a healthier snack. The Bombay mix is quite greasy and leaves you feeling a lot more indulged. Both snacks are really moreish though and you can really easily get carried away with eating the whole packet.

Both mixes have a variety of really nice textures, made up of soft, crunchy, doughy, rough and smooth. Each of these textures compliment each other beautifully and provide a really authentic Indian taste.

The Gujarati mix is super light and literally melts in your mouth. Also, if you get bored eating the same style snack, especially if it is a big bag, both of these snacks are perfect, as the different shapes mean the snack is kept interesting.ย My favourite part of the Gujarati mix was the thick noodles as they were so full of flavour and had a really satisfying texture. My favourite part of the Bombay mix was the lentils as they just popped in your mouth.

Both mixes are ย made with gram flour, instead of wheat which is great if you have a wheat intolerance. The products are suitable for vegetarians and free from preservatives

If you looking for a spicy snack I would stick with the Bombay mix but if you looking for a snack, which is mild but definitely not bland then the Gujarati mix is best. Both snacks were filled to the top and didn’t have the disappointment of being filled with air, unlike other snack products. I also preferred the Gujarati mix for texture and having both large and small pieces, as it was kept more interesting.

Please comment below if you have tried these mixes. I would love to know what other think of these tasty snacks.



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