Venture Heavy Duty Car Seat Protector


If I am completely honest, before receiving this product, I didn’t even know a product for protecting seats from car seat damage existed! Maybe it is because I don’t really take much of an interest in car accessories or maybe I just hadn’t thought about protecting our car seats from compression damage and marks. So when the lovely team at Venture kindly sent us their Heavy Duty Car Seat Protector I did wonder how useful this product was going to be. However, after a couple of uses it is now my new favourite baby accessory and I wish I had known about it sooner

The protector comes in two parts, which are easily held together by a strong strip of velcro. At first I had visions of them constantly ripping apart but they haven’t come apart yet. Considering we have taken the car seat in and out of the car numerous times and had 6 weeks of continuous use I am very impressed. Once you have stuck the two parts together, you simply attach the top part to the seat headrest and adjust to fit. It literally took me seconds! Even my mum who is usually rubbish at fitting things with straps and adjusting parts found it super easy and straightforward.

The protector has a high quality feel, which is strong and sturdy and can survive a lot of stress and hardcore usage. The rubber base is extremely easy to wipe clean and keeps spills and mess contained. The base is wide fitting meaning there is a wide catchment area to catch things,which are thrown over the sides of the car seat. I did worry that the wide fitting would obstruct the seat belt ports but there are handy cut outs so you don’t need 10 hands to hold and fasten everything in place.

The main benefits I have discovered is saving my car seats from muddy marks and scuffs. As Ralph gets older and his legs get longer and muddier, I can imagine I will come to love it even more. Also, it works well with or without an IOS fix and a rear or forward facing seat. We have used two car seats with the protector, rear and forward, and have found it has kept both seats level and in place. If you have leather seats the protector will definitely prevent compression damage, marks and scuffs being transferred.

The only critisim I do have is the packaging picture shows the protector contouring the seat but ours has been out of the packaging for a few weeks now and the bottom part is still sticking up. However, I have found another use for this, whilst I am waiting for gravity to work it’s magic, it catches toys and prevents them from rolling under the seat.

Though I hadn’t heard of this type of product until a couple of months ago it is now definitely a firm favorite. Well done Venture on making a product which is easy to fit, does the job and has a high quality feel.

Let me know in the comments if have discovered the benefits of a heavy duty car seat protector.






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