How To Get Freebies


So recently I have had a ton of people email me asking how I get so many freebies. So I thought it was about time to share my secrets. There are a number of different ways to find and claim freebies and I would suggest it’s better to do a combination of methods to really get a haul going. This list doesn’t focus on how bloggers get freebies, that is a whole blog post in itself, this list is mainly for everyday people who want to get a few freebies.

  1. Signing up to Freebie finding websites is one of the easiest way to get freebies. My favourites are Magic Freebies and Latest Free Stuff but you can find more by doing a quick google search. These companies will email you every day with the freebies they have found. The only downside is a lot of people are finding out about these freebies so you have to be quick.
  2. Follow freebie finders on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. There is an amazing community of freebie finders on social media who are super at sharing what freebies they have found and make it easy for you too apply too.
  3. Follow hashtags on Instagram and Twitter. I have found this an amazing way to uncover freebies I wouldn’t normally have found. Hashtags such as #freebies #freebiefinders #happypost and #freebiesbymail are all good ones to start you off.
  4. Sign up to companies mailing lists and newsletters. I get 100’s of emails a day so have become very quick at reading through them and spotting any freebies but by signing up to so many I get to know about lots of freebies before they make it on the freebie websites, meaning I have more chance of getting them before they are all claimed.
  5. Download Cashback Apps. This is another great way, my favourite is Shopium if you sign up by using my referral code (AKHUYFAW) you will get a free tub of Nutella.
  6. Register yourself for loyalty cards and programs – Most stores now have loyalty cards or systems and they are always offering great deals and freebies. Some of my favourites are Marks and Spencers Sparks card, Debenham’s Beauty Card, Tesco Club Card and 02 Priority Moments App.
  7. Sign up to market research companies who will reward you for your time and will sometimes give out product trials. You can find a list of some of the companies I am signed up with here.
  8. If you are in a store such as: Body Shop or Debenhams don’t feel embarrassed or cheeky to ask for some free samples. Stores like these have a lot of free samples to give away but tend to keep them behind the checkout until customers ask for them.
  9. The final way I get freebies is by entering competitions and crossing my fingers I win. I am super lucky to have won a lot of competitions but that is because I enter between 100 and 500 a day. A lot of people are really interested in how I enter and win so many and I always say luck, I enter a lot and I persevere. It can help to use a competition database to help you find competitions and keep track of which ones you have entered. My two favourites are The Prize Finder and The Competition Database.

Things to remember:

  • Patience is key – It can take 6-8 weeks to receive freebies so don’t give up. I have been part of the freebie, market research, blogging world for over 10 years and it has taken me a long time to build up my portfolio to the point where companies now contact me directly to ask if I would like to test a product.
  • Be careful of scams – If a freebie seems to good to be true and isn’t being given by the actual company it probably isn’t legit.
  • Check it is available in your country – There are a lot of freebies which are only available in America, so make sure you don’t waste your time entering your details if it can’t be shipped to your country.

Please leave a message in the comments your ways of claiming freebies and I would love to hear about the best freebies you have claimed.

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