UltraDex One Go


Me and my husband recently went on a little break away to a health spa retreat. I was thrilled when UltraDex sent me their One Go Mouthwash Sachets, to add a little more pampering to our already relaxing and indulgent trip.

UltraDex is a world renowned company, founded in clinical research and has been recommended by dentists for over 25 years. Their UltraDex One Go Mouthwash Sachets are free from alcohol and chlorhexidine and is vegan approved.

The sachets are extremely easy to use, you simply tear the perforated strip , pour into your mouth, rinse for 30 seconds and spit. There is no needed to rinse with water, making it a perfect product for travelling and festivals, when drinking water isn’t always available. Something I usually hate about perforated strips, is they are supposed to make life easier, but usually result in me having to locate a pair of scissors. To my absolute joy I had no problem at all with tearing these sachets, again perfect for travelling, when your probably not going to have a pair of scissors lying around.

My mouth felt extremely clean as soon as the liquid touch my teeth. They felt squeaky clean and left my mouth with that post dentist shiny feel. I was surprised that a mouthwash could deliver these results, without leaving you with that stinging or burning feeling, which other well known mouthwashes can do (we won’t name names). The taste of the mouthwash is strong and minty, which is well balanced and not over powering.

UltraDex claim you will get 12 hours of fresh breath and all bad breath will be eliminated. I would agree that bad breath was eliminated and I was left feeling confident my breath was on top form. I wouldn’t say it gave 12 hours but I guess this is down to what you are eating and drinking. However, you can notice the freshness many hours afterwards and if used before bed I found there was a noticeable different in the freshness of my breath the next morning.

The handy sized sachets are perfect for travelling and generally being on the go or out and about, with 10 15ml sachets in a pack, there is plenty for 2 people on a short trip. There is a deceptive amount of liquid in these little sachets and personally there was too much for me, so my husband had the other half. We found them extremely useful on our last day when we had to vacate the room at 11am but could stay at the resort until 4pm, meaning we only had access to one small day bag each. It was great knowing we could freshen up before we left, as I really wouldn’t have wanted my toothbrush rolling around in my bag.

In terms of product improvement I would love the sachets to be recyclable, (the main box is fully recyclable). I would love to enjoy this product without having the guilt of it ending up in landfill or our oceans. Also, it would be great for UltraDex to introduce a range of flavours.

Discover this amazingly convenient product yourself at Superdrug, Boots, Amazon and Ocado for £5 and let me know in the comments where you will be using yours.






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