Lizi’s Adventure’s Granola

Lizi’s Adventure’s Granola is a breakfast product, which is primarily aimed at children age 5-13 years old. However, I have been secretly wanting to try it for some time, as it looks so delicious and I love their ‘grown up’ granolas. I am a huge breakfast fan but need foods, which will keep me full, my energy levels up and my hunger pangs at bay. When Lizi’s told me I would be receiving both their strawberry and the banana flavour I was really looking forward to having another hassle free breakfast alternative.
Both flavours are suitable for vegetarians and vegans and are GMO free with no artificial colourings, flavours or preservatives. It is packed with fibre – 10g per 100g and is much lower in sugar than other children’s cereal – 3.5g per 30g.
Both flavours have a real, authentic taste and neither are over powering. I was worried the banana flavour would leave me with memories of the foam bananas I used to have as a child but my worries were completely unfounded.
The products are mainly made up of oat and rice clusters, with fruit pieces. The texture at first is crunchy and has that satisfying granola bite but then slowly softens in your mouth, until it melts. For this reason it is perfect as a snack on the go without milk or an alternative to popcorn, as well as a granola.
The packaging is very clearly aimed at children with its vibrant colours and characters. However, don’t let this put you off eating it yourself, as it won’t leave you feeling unsatisfied or thinking they are too sweet. Something I really like about the packaging is it has a resealable top, which I think all cereals should have, as it keeps the granola really fresh.
I really enjoyed tasting this product, it made breakfast something to look forward to and it didn’t require any additional effort. The only downside I have come up with is the pack just doesn’t last long enough, as it is so delicious.
Let me know in the comments your favourite Granola’s, especially ones which are child friendly

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