Vital Baby Weaning Bundle Review


I received this weaning bundle a couple of months ago from Vital Baby and wanted to make sure it was thoroughly tested, before I shared my thoughts. This is because I have been lucky enough to test quite a lot of weaning products and some items have been great initially but after lots of washing, steralising and general use they haven’t lasted long. I wanted to make sure this bundle had been put through its paces and wanted to test its durability after being thrown off high chairs and used out and about.

Vital Baby is a family orientated business and has over 35 years experience of providing weaning equipment, which meets the needs of babies and parents. All of their products are 100% BPA free and, something I think is unique is, the company offers products for combination feeding and from transitioning from breast to bottle. From researching numerous baby products I have found some companies lean more towards bottle or breast so it’s great when I come across a brand, which provides for both. Vital Baby has won and been shortlisted for a ridiculous amount of awards. Their particular weaning bundle has received 5 awards, 3 of which were gold standard.

What does the weaning bundle consist of?


2 Weaning Spoons – These spoons are perfectly shaped for little mouths and I have found Ralph eats so much better off this spoon, compared to other spoons we have used. I think this is because the tip is flexible, meaning little ones find it easier to take the food. Also, it is a great shape for Ralph to hold, meaning he loves trying to feed himself. The soft tip is also treat for sore and sensitive gums, during teething.

1 x 1st Tumbler – The tumbler is lightweight and a perfect size for small hands -120 ml. It has a soft spout and something I find amazing is it can be either a non spill or free flow. When we are at home I have taken off the spout and Ralph has drank from it like a cup and due to the size he loves holding on to the cup himself. It also has a removable cover, which clips into the spout holes and makes it ideal for taking out and about.

2 x 1oz/30ml Press β€˜n’ Pop Freezer Pots – This pots are perfect for pasta sauces or fruit purees to add to porridge or pancakes. They have a flexible silicone base, which means the food can simply be popped out and added straight to cooking.

2 x Prep and Go Food Pots – These pots are great for when we are out and about as the lid is really secure. The shape of the pots are great for snacking type food, as well as purees. They have also been great to freeze leftover food in.

1 x On The Go Weaning Set – This has to be my favourite product from the bundle, simply due to its clip on lid with in built spoon holder. If you follow me on instgram you will know how I try to reduce, reuse and recycle but before I came across this dish I was having to put Ralph’s spoons in a plastic freezer bag to keep them clean when we were out. I’m super happy this little dish keeps the spoon firmly in place, hygienic and means I’m not adding to our plastic problem. The triangular shape of the dish is easier to get every last bit of food out and the lip means it is easy to hold, whilst your baby is trying to desperately to throw it on the floor.

Overall, I love this weaning bundle it has survived multiple uses in the dishwasher, microwave and sterliser. The only downsides I have come across is the spoons have changed colour, despite been soaked in water after use, but this hasn’t affected their use. I would also love Vital Baby to make this bowl with a suction bottom, as Ralph loves to feed himself but equally loves throwing his bowl on the floor. For Β£12.49 this bundle is exceptional value and can be bought direct from Vital Baby, Boots, Ebay and Amazon.

Let me know in the comments what your favourite weaning products are.


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