Ralph’s Weaning Journey

We have now been weaning for over a month and I’m one proud mama with how well Ralph has done. I so far haven’t found one food he won’t eat. He just loves his food. Definitely our son! However, there are a few things I have learnt along the way, which I wanted to pass on to the parents who are about to start the incredible messy but amazing journey of weaning.
1) Invest in durable and easy to clean equipment – The weaning equipment world can be over whelming and confusing. I hastily picked up a few weaning items in the Aldi baby sale and even though they have done the job, I know if I had researched a little more I could have found so many more innovative products. As you’ll know when your a parent you’ll pay double for a product, which saves you time and energy.
2) Let there be mess – Don’t be afraid to let you little one fully explore food. I struggled in the beginning and honestly restricted Ralph’s food play, due to my concern over mess. However, since we have switched to baby led weaning and saying to myself that everything is replaceable and wipe able I have relaxed and it has become a lot more fun. There are obviously things which always need to be spoon fed but baby led weaning as been a real joy to explore with Ralph.
3) When buying a high chair make sure every part is detachable or washable – We choose the Ikea Antilop highchair, for this exact reason. I find it fascinating how much mess a baby can make but the Antilop means its cleaned within seconds. Another consideration is if you buy a high chair with an in built cushion, make sure you can get underneath and down the sides, as crumbs and food splashes get everywhere.
4) Variety is key but remember to be consistent – As I am a little over cautious about allergies we test a new food for 3 days before introducing another new food. This way I can keep track of allergies and make sure Ralph has had a good taste of the food. I try to make sure Ralph has a range of different textures and tastes to keep it interesting.
5) Most importantly remember to keep it fun – Once I got my head around the mess, I have really enjoyed weaning. Going at Ralph’s pace and making funny faces and noises has meant I’ve had some wonderful smiles and laughs. There are days when Ralph wants to play with his food rather than eat it and I always remind myself that food is just for fun until one.
Make sure you follow my instagram @thewouldbehousewife to follow our weaning journey and check out my baby recipes for both baby led and puree feeding.
Let me know in the comments if you have any weaning tips and tricks

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