Cucumber and Aloe Vera Water Conditioner.

My hair is naturally on the dry side and the current spell of gorgeous hot and humid weather hasn’t lent itself kindly to preventing frizz. So I was delighted when I was asked to be one of the first people to test and review Hask’s new product, Cucumber and Aloe Vera Water Conditioner. I couldn’t wait to discover another one of their fabulous products in their extensive range, especially as Hask is now used in more TV shows and films than any other hair brand. I have been really lucky to have discovered and tested a lot of their range and this product didn’t disappoint. You can read more of my reviews for Hask here
The product packaging, as with all Hask products, is really informative and stylish. The product is free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates and gluten , as well as being suitable for vegans and cruelty free. I love the pearly effect on the packaging, which makes it feel a little bit more luxurious. The scent is long lasting and you can definitely smell more Aloe Vera than cucumber but neither are over powering and together create a beautiful fresh, summery fragrance. 
The main claim of this product is it adds brilliance and controls frizz, using a cool radiance complex, which helps to maintain shine without weighing down your hair. After having a prolonged spell of quite humid weather, I have noticed a difference in how frizz has been kept at bay. I usually blow dry my hair to try and combat some frizz but, due to the hot weather I haven’t really been able to. I would say the product reduces frizz massively when hair is styled and blow dried but also reduces a lot if hair is left to dry naturally. 
The other claim is the product is lighter than light. I would say when applying the product it is quite thick and heavy. As it is quite dense it is difficult to get out of the bottle, which is made harder as the bottle is made from tough plastic and is difficult to squeeze. However, once the product is applied to the hair it melts and turns into a much thinner product, which is easily absorbed and worked into the hair. Once I had dispersed the product through my hair, using just my fingers, it had an instant smoothing effect and each strand felt evenly coated and hydrated. My hair felt really strong and just like when I have it washed at the salon. The product is also effortlessly rinsed off but the silky feeling is not washed away down the sink.
I have tried to show below how much smoother my hair looks after using this product for just a week, in the pictures below. The difference in lighting has made my hair look two different colours but you can see how different the texture is. Not only does it look better but it feels so much stronger, smoother and repaired. As the product initially felt heavy I thought it would weigh down my hair once it was dried but it hasn’t at all. My other concern was it might leave my hair feeling greasy, as it quite an intense product, similar to a mask, but I have been able to go an extra day before having to wash my hair.
Hask’s new Cucumber and Aloe Vera Water Conditioner can proudly stand with the rest of the range. It has fantastic de-tangling and conditioning properties, which is suitable for daily use. It is a product you wouldn’t be ashamed being seen in your bathroom
Let me know in the comments if you have used this product or any of your other favorite Hask products or conditionaires.

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