Bibetta Placemat and Ultra Bib with Sleeves

Ralph has been weaning for around 4 weeks and I wasn’t really prepared for how messy it can get. I bought the obvious weaning essentials but didn’t really think too much about products, which would prevent or help with the dreaded clean up. So when the lovely team at Bibetta let me review their ultra bib and placement I was hoping this would be the cleaning help my dining room was in need of.
The placemat
The placemat comes in a variety of cute and colourful designs, perfect to attract your little one and keep them busy whilst your serving up their food. Ralph loves swiping his hand across the mat and prodding the neoprene material, which is really thick and soft.

The size of the mat is much larger than I anticipated, which is helpful when you have more than one bowl or cup. Ralph usually has a bottle of milk, water and a bowl plus some finger food and there is still lots of room. The large surface area, none slip backing and pocket means all the mess of baby led weaning is caught and doesn’t get trod into the floor. Just lately Ralph has been pulling at his bib so with the added pocket it doesn’t really matter if the bib comes off. I find it really easy to wipe all the bits into the pocket and empty straight into the bin. When we eat out in restaurants I do the same but fold the mat up so the mess is all kept securely inside.

When it comes to cleaning the bib I was really impressed with how easy it was to clean. I had visions of it always being in the washing machine but a quick wipe down with a surface wipe removes all the mess and it dries in minutes. Perfect if a quick wipe won’t suffice and you have to wash it by hand or stick it in the washing machine. Make sure when you let the placemat dry you keep it on a flat surface, as this can affect how well it sticks to the table.
Bibetta seem to have thought of everything when designing this product – reducing mess, easy to clean, easy to store, large surface area and in built pocket. After thoroughly putting this product to the test there is nothing I would improve or change at all.

Ultra Bib with sleeves


I knew if I wanted Ralph to fully explore his food and have fun with it then I couldn’t put a limit on the amount of mess, which would be produced. The Ultra Bib has meant all his clothes have been kept dry and stain free. The bib is made from the same material as the placemat, Neoprene. Not only is Neoprene soft and comfortable but it is durable and water resistant. So far spillages have stayed on the surface, rather than absorb in and ran into the pocket.

As I mentioned above Ralph is going through a phase of trying to pull his bib off but the Ultra Bib has high quality, super strength Velcro makes it impossible to rip off. We have used the Ultra Bib several times and the Velcro still looks as good as new, no fraying or weakening.

This product is extremely easy to wash and a quick wipe with a surface wipe removes all traces of food. I did worry at first that the hem, on the neck, would be difficult to clean if food got ground in to it but so far everything has wiped straight off. Including peas, carrots, avocado and broccoli. Another great feature is within minutes of cleaning the bib it is dry and ready to be used again.

The pocket is fantastic for catching food or putting finger food in to encourage your little ones pincer grip. This is something we will definitely be giving a try with Ralph next month. The pocket is reversible so if you use it in conjunction with the placemat or if it becomes too much of a distraction, you can fold it away.

The only critique I have with this bib is there is a bit of a gap between the neck. If you have a milk dribbler like Ralph or your little one can hold their own cup it can go down their neck. However, attaching a dribble bib over the top acts as a seal without making the product uncomfortable.

Both of these products are perfect for in the home and out and about and have been a wonderful addition to our weaning journey. They fit easily into the changing bag and have saved many outfit changes. Prefect products for both baby led weaning or spoon feeding.

Let me know in the comment if you have discovered these amazing products for yourself or if you have discovered any other underrated weaning products.

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