Oral hygiene for babies


It wasn’t until my baby app informed me I could brush my babies gums, that oral hygiene really entered my mind for Ralph. I obviously knew once his teeth came through I would need to brush those little peggies but didn’t really think about the benefits of brushing his gums.

I originally started wiping Ralph’s gums with a damp soft cloth or muslin at the beginning and end of the day. I found this the best time as it fitted easily into his established routine. I then bought a special baby tooth brush from MotherCare, which had tiny bristles and a small head. I also bought Colgate toothpaste, for babies which is suitable from birth but you only need the smallest smear. At bath times, which for us is Tuesdays and Fridays, I started to introduce the brush. At first Ralph wasn’t too sure and would try to bite down or lick it but he soon got the hang of letting me brush those gums. I think the onset of teething meant he felt like it was a mini massage and a bit of relief. After we have finished brushing I let him hold the brush so he could get used to holding it himself. As Ralph is now 5 months I am keeping this routine until he develops his first tooth when I will brush his teeth twice a day and book his first dental appointment (No doubt there will be a post about that experience). My main tips would be keep it fun and consistent and your little one will soon get the hang of it and become second nature to them.

The benefits to establishing an oral hygiene routine early can be:

  • Easier to encourage your little ones to take care of their own teeth, when the time comes.
  • Help with the pain of teething and helping those teeth push through
  • Get your child used to the feeling of having their teeth cleaned with a brush or damp cloth.
  • Prevent fear of the Dentist and Oral Hygiene.

Let me know in the comments if you have any tips or tricks to encourage little one’s to brush their teeth.

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