Sorry it seems a little quiet around here lately…

So me and Ralph have been battling the dreaded 4 month sleep regression and he has been teething badly, for the past 4 weeks! It started when Ralph was 4 months and 1 week and he will be 5 months and 1 week next Monday. Even though, things are getting better I don’t want to jinx myself just yet, as he is not back to his usually 7pm-7am sleep. Oh how I miss those days!

For any parents who has been through this stage you will know how soul destroying it can. You just think you have cracked sleeping through the night, when BAM your little one is awake for 4 -6 hours every night. The sleep deprivation has been far worse than when he was a new born as he slept for 3 hours at a time and went straight back to sleep after his milk.ย Who ever said the newborn stage was the hardest is a liar. That stage was heaven compared with this! However, what has made this lack of sleep worth it is Ralph has learnt to giggle, roll over, sit up with minimal support and learnt he can do different pitches and tones.

I have never found it easy to sleep myself – I find it hard to drop off and stay asleep and usually only get around 4 hours of solid sleep a night. I also cannot nap no matter how much I try my brain just won’t let me and likes to remind me of all the things I have to do.ย  So I have been surviving off 2 hours asleep a night for the past 4 weeks, meaning my sleep has been halved.

As I find it so hard to sleep both me and my husband wanted Ralph to learn to self sooth, something which he has picked up really well. We can now put him down in his crib and withing 5 minutes he will be asleep. Staying asleep is something we are still working on. We have also taken away his swaddle (as he learnt to roll over) and dummy (as he was constantly dropping it and it was turning into a bit of a nighttime game). You could argue we have made things a little harder than they need to be but hopefully once Ralph is fully over this stage we should (fingers tightly crossed) have our good sleeper back, who can put himself to sleep.

Apologies for the lack of posts and activity but as I’m sure you can imagine the little energy I have had has been spent making sure Ralph is cared for and attended all his baby classes.

For any parents about to go through this stage or currently going through it just remember that this stage will pass, like all stages. I know this is difficult to remember when you have been up for the 6th time or your little one just won’t fall asleep for 4 hours on end. Deep down I much prefer sleepless nights with him than solid sleeps without him.sleep-300x300


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