Favourite me time indulgences.

When we first brought Ralph home I didn’t know how I was ever going to find time to even fold and put away laundry properly never mind have time to actually have some indulgences. However, me and Ralph quickly fell into a good routine and I started getting smart about completing chores faster, than before I was pregnant. This was mainly because I didn’t know how much time in the day I would have to complete set tasks or how long Ralph would nap for. Therefore, when I had completed all my boring household jobs I found I sometimes had an extra precious 20 minutes to myself. I wanted to keep a log of this to look back on when Ralph is older and give new mums hope that your own time will come back. Every phase passes and is over before you know it.

Remember self care is not selfishness!

  1. Snuggling up and reading my latest copy of National Geographic – I also keep a copy close by when Ralph has his afternoon cuddle nap. This way I get baby cuddles and a little bit of time to read something I enjoy. I always read my copy aloud, even if he is asleep, in order to work on Ralph’s language and communication skills at the same time. You can read more about my love for reading to babies and children here
  2. Bubble Baths – I never knew how much I took baths for granted before I had Ralph. My husband works late so mum bath time can take a lot of planning. There are days I sit and dream about diving into a a hot bath full of my favourite products, so when these days arrive it is something I really enjoy. If you’re looking for a new bath product you can check out my review on I Love Cosmetics…Peachy Passion fruit Bubble Bath And Shower Creme
  3. Catching up on TV – Any new parent will now all your favourite shows get put on the back burner when your little one comes along. With the wonderful invention of recording live tv and on demand services you can catch up when ever fits. I often wonder how my parents coped without these inventions.
  4. Writing this blog – Fellow bloggers will know blogging takes a lot of time, writing editing, linking posts to social media, researching, responding, organising, photographing the list goes on but I genuinely love working on my blog and find it a source of escapism. With my Ipad in hand, I can take me and Ralph off to the park or coffee shop and write in a nice environment and the walk usually means he’s nodded off. Oh and I can also devour that Caramel Frappuccino I have been dreaming about.
  5. Competitioning – If you know me personally you’ll know I enter 100’s of competitions a day and am very lucky to win a lot of them. However, like blogging this takes a lot of time. One day I might get around to writing a post on where I find competitions and how I manage to enter so many a day.
  6. Gardening – As the weather gets nicer Ralph loves taking his naps inside his sun shade tent and as long as we can see each other he will play in there too. This means I can tend to my vegetable patch and spruce up the garden, something which I find really relaxing and fulfilling.
  7. Drinking a simple cup of tea – Whether it is normal PG tips, something herbal, fruity or luxury I love tea and when you have been run off your feet all morning tending to your babies every need, being able to drink a hot cup of tea is something magical.
  8. Baking and cooking – I love to bake and create and the kitchen is one of my favourite rooms to be in. I am unfortunate to have one of those brains, which never shuts off but when I am baking or cooking I am solely focused on the task in hand and no side thoughts are able to niggle their way in.
  9. Attempting or planning to complete a Pinterest pin – I love Pinterest but it is all too easy to end up with 100’s of different boards with 1000’s of pins, which seem achievable but time just slips by. I love nap times for reviewing my pins and starting to put plans in place.
  10. Do nothing – Sometimes it is just nice to sit back and embrace the relative silence, whilst watching your precious one dream away.

Please let me know in the comments how you like to indulge in some me time.

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