Eve Lom

I’ve recently been trialing Eve Lom Eye Cream and thought I would share my thoughts. I don’t usually buy eye cream and find you have to be quite dedicated to using it in order to see major results. It’s also very rare I buy luxury/high end products, mainly because I don’t feel I have any major skin care needs which would justify spending so much. The Eve Lom Eye Cream is ยฃ48 for a small pot (20ml), so I would class it is a luxury item.ย So is this product worth ยฃ48?

I was mainly testing this product to see how well it combated fine lines and dark circles. I do have very faint fine lines but since having my son I definitely have dark circles. I used this product every morning and evening for 1 week and would say it has made a slight difference but nothing major. As I mentioned before you do have to be quite dedicated to it’s use but as I was only testing the product for a week I did think I would have noticed more of a difference. I have tried to photograph the difference below, both pictures are make up free.

The main difference I have found is the cream has made my under eye area super soft, making make up easier to apply. It doesn’t leave any greasy residue and my make up sat nicely on top without rolling up or creasing. Just be careful not to apply it too close to your water line as it can sting a little.

The product states it is suitable for all skin types. I sometimes have quite sensitive skin around my eyes and other eye products have left my eyes feeling tight or scale. Even though, the cream is quite thick and dense, it spreads evenly, absorbs quickly and a light bit goes a long way. The product feels soothing and moisturising and the texture is light once applied. The smell is inoffensive and natural, which is great for an eye cream as strong or potent creams can sometimes make your eyes water.

The packaging of this product is simple and uncluttered. The glass pot and gold rim give the product a luxury feel and look. It is definitely a product I would like to show off on my dressing table. It terms of being eco friendly the pot is recyclable but the lid is not, which is something I hope Eve Lom work on.

Overall, I would say this product is suitable for all ages and skin types. The main benefit for me has been hydration rather than reducing fine lines or dark circles. If you don’t mind splashing out on skin care products and you are determined to make them fully part of your beauty routine this is a great product.

Let me know in the comments if you have tried Eve Lom Eye Cream and what your thought are. Are you currently using a eye cream which you think is amazing or have you tried any you would advise against.



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