I Love Cosmetics…Peachy Passion fruit Bubble Bath And Shower Creme

I Love Cosmetics are well known for their fabulous scents and fun products, which leave your skin deliciously scented and silky soft. I recently received their Peachy Passion Fruit Bubble Bath And Shower Creme and it absolutely lived up to their reputation. I also loved how super cute their packaging is.

This two in one product is packed with nourishing and skin loving pro vitamin B5. It is also paraben free, soap free and pH balanced. Many two in one products don’t live up to the claim and one always out performs the other. However, this product delivers on both claims, it creates lots of long lasting bubbles in the bath and as a shower cream but it is also easy to rinse off. .

You can definitely smell more peach than passion fruit and it is quite sweet. I love how you can smell this product on your skin after you have rinsed and dried. The Aloe Vera Leaf Juice helps to moisturise and doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry or tight. Added with the natural extract of peach and passion fruit this is a really moisturising product, which leaves your skin supple and invigorated

The first time I used this product I used it sparingly and it created far more thick bubbles than I anticipated. It always didn’t require a lot of swishing to create the bubbles either. The two pictures below show before and after swishing and I only used a little dollop. I would say the bubbles lasted around 20 minutes but the scent lasted the whole of my bath time, around 30 minutes.

Again in the shower you only need a little bit on your sponge to create a lot of bubbles. As the scent is refreshing, as well as sweet, it is a great morning wake up call and leaves your skin feeling summery and bright.

The price of this product varies greatly I have seen it for £2.50 up to £7. For the size of the product, its quality and scent I would pay around £4. Overall, this is a lovely summer product, which lives up to its two in one claims. You can grab yours here https://www.ilovecosmetics.co.uk/peachy-passionfruit-bath-shower-creme

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