5 tips to make baby vaccinations that little bit easier

Lets face it taking your precious babies for their vaccinations is a tough job, no matter how well you have prepared yourself. Now Ralph has had all his vaccinations until he is 1 I thought I would share a few tips, which made this quite traumatic event, a little more bearable.

  1. Give you little one paracetamol an hour before you go and every 4 hours after. Never refuse the prescription of paracetamol, even though it will last 6 months once opened, its good to have a stock and it will save you £3.50 each time. I know some people feel a bit cheeky doing this, as it costs the NHS more than £3.50 to prescribe but on a tight maternity budget every little helps.

2. Prepare yourself – I honestly thought I would be completely fine taking Ralph for his injections. I’ve never been an overly emotional person and despite other parents telling me to prepare myself I thought it would be fine and decided to take it in my stride. Needless to say watching Ralph’s little face erupt into pain broke my heart, making me break down into tears. I just wasn’t prepared for the look of shock and hurt on little Ralph’s face. It can also help taking someone with you, as they can help out practically as well as emotionally.

3. Make sure you have a feed ready for after the event. A feed can really help calm a baby down and worked wonders for Ralph. It stopped him sobbing and gave him a distraction from the shock and pain. If your little one is very distressed they might struggle to latch on, try to keep yourself calm and eventually they will latch. It may seem like an eternity has passed by but in reality it will only be a few minutes before your darling has calmed down.

4. Be prepared to alter your normal routine and take it easy for the next couple of days. Its ok to have a relaxed couple of days, staying in the house and not doing very much. Why give yourself more stress if you don’t need to. You can still have loads of fun at home and catch up on all those much needed cuddles. Also don’t underestimate the power of cuddles and snuggle time. They work miracles for both of you.

5. Dress baby in something super easy to get off and on. The last thing you and your baby will want is a fashion show worth outfit to get back into. Make sure it is comfortable and a softer fabric. I like to think of it as how PJs can make you feel that little bit better, when you are feeling a little under the weather.

Let me know if you have any more tips to making your little ones and yourself feel a little bit more comfortable during the dreaded injection time.


tips_holdthebaby_0415_in-house bungalowphotography-baby-fee_22191

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