My hospital bag regrets


I thought I had prepared my hospital bag pretty well. After all I had read hundreds of hospital bag lists and regoogled countless times ‘what should I pack in my hospital bag’. It seemed like I had packed for every eventuality and even though I would say I had everything I needed and didn’t forget much I would do a couple of things differently if I could go back in time and repack.

  1. I didn’t pack with a lengthy hospital stay in mind. I literally ran out of everything within 2 days. Asking my husband to bring me stuff was a bit of a chore and despite living in our home for 3 years he still doesn’t know where the majority of stuff is kept. I wish I had packed another bag of extras, which could easily be brought to the hospital. Also trusting my husband to bring me clean clothes, which matched was more daunting than actually giving birth!
  2. Sanitary Towels – Oh my you sure do go through these! In my naivety and not knowing how much blood you lose after giving birth I packed enough for, now what seems like a heavy period. Pack as many as you can physically fit inside your bag. I would also recommend leaving a few packets in the car.
  3. Kickers – In fact just pack disposable ones and by disposable I mean adult nappies. I bought a few with embarrassment and vowed I would just wear them for the initial few days after. Needless to say I made my husband go and purchase more, as they were so comfortable and super easy to get on and off, as you could rip the sides, so no needless bending down. Anyone who has given birth will remember the awful after pains and bending down just isn’t on the cards for the first few days.
  4. Breast Pads – Similarly to sanitary towels, you can’t have enough. There is nothing worse than waking up to your nursing bra, pjs and bed being wet through. Having too many means you can change as often as you like, rather than changing when you need to.
  5. Snacks – I did pack a couple of snacks but as my labour was so long, 3 days, my husband ate every last morsel. The only snack available in the hospital was toast, which I as grateful for, for at least the first day! There is nothing worse than doing a 3am feed, when hunger strikes and breakfast is not served until 7am. Make sure you have food and lots of it, especially if you breastfeeding.
  6. Nice Pj’s – This is something I really wished I had packed. Once you have your first shower and start to feel a little more human I can imagine stepping into brand new to be a small luxury, which would make the world of difference.

Let me know in the comments if you have any hospital bag regrets or if you forgot something really important?


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