Cofresh Poppadom Curls

As I have already reviewed the Mango Chutney Poppadom curls before I thought I would share the ways in which you can use this product to bring more zing to your meals. We have also tried the plain and Sweet Chilli flavours

As a side dish with your curry 

We used the poppadom curls as an alternative to regular poppadoms or nan bread. It is a much lighter option, as it is lentil based, especially if you usually have bread with your curry.

To bulk up ready meals 

My husband works long hours and only has access to a microwave, for quickness he often takes ready meals to work. However, he usually finds them quite boring and unsatisfying. The poppadom curls gave his ready meals the boost they needed and made them much more fulfilling meal.

On it’s own as a snack

If you have tried this product you will know how moreish they are and how easy they are to snack on.  As they are made from lentils they are also healthier than a regular potato snack. They are also great for lunch boxes and trips out.

As a topping to dishes 

Great for topping tuna pasta bake or an alternative to nachos. If you want to add a different texture to your usual pasta dishes this is a great product.

As a party nibble 

Finally nothing beats a pack of these snacks at a party. They will be gone in minutes though, so it’s best to stock up. On Father’s day we had a small family gathering and they were hoovered up before we even opened presents!

You can check out my other post on the Mango Chutney Poppadom Curls for a more thorough a review here.

Please let me know in the comments if you have any other ideas for using these snacks.



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