Earn even more money with TopCashBack

If you are already have a TopCashBack account you are literally one click away from becoming part of their case study team. If you don’t have a TopCashBack account you really should invest the time to get one. Click on the link to sign and you will receive a £5 Zeek gift card up https://www.topcashback.co.uk/ref/emiedo. Also, you get a friend to sign up you will receive £10 in your account.  I have saved £62 this month alone in cash back so it is worth doing, especially if you spend a lot of money online. With this money I was able to get the items below completely free 


Once you have an account you have the opportunity to be part of their case study team. This basically means you will receive the occasional email asking you to share your experiences with the press. The experience they covered are far and wide so there is an opportunity for everyone. So far I have received emails wanting comments from first time buyers, competition addicts and people who save money in savvy ways. You will be paid for your comments if they go to print and last month I earned an additional £50 and hence was able to treat Ralph to all the goodies above. So if you want your opinions heard on certain topics and want to be paid for them check out the link below https://www.topcashback.co.uk/ref/emiedo 



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