Cofresh Chilli and Lime Potato Grills and Mango Chutney Poppadom Curls

The lovely team at Cofresh sent me 4 bags of their delicious crisps, Mango Chutney Poppadom Curls and Chilli and Lime Potato Grills.

Me and my Husband are quite serious foodies and when it comes down to it, no matter how much we love each other, we just can’t agree on sharing food. Therefore having two bags of each flavour each was definitely needed, especially as my husband literally inhaled his bag of Chilli and Lime Potato Grills. Seriously it took him less than 10 minutes to polish off the share bag size.

As the Chilli and Lime Potato Grills were our favourite out of the two I will start reviewing these first.


The flavouring is really intense and authentic, perfect for fellow curry lovers. The flavours beautifully blend together to provide both a hot and sour taste, which lasts and leaves you craving more. I would say if you like crisps, which have a kick then these are definitely for you. The grills literally melt in your mouth and with only 30% fat and are the equivalent to 4 weight watchers points they are pretty much guilt free. However, take heed they are really moreish!

My husband also loved the shape of the Chilli and Lime Potato Grills, as in his foodie words, I quote ‘If you’re getting full you can nibble on each segment slowly.’ I also loved the shape, as not only does the hostess in me think they would look great on a nibble table, but also the flavour sticks to the grills better.

Now onto the Mango Chutney Curls…

When I opened this product I was surprised to smell mint and when looking at the ingredients there is an odd mix of orange juice, lemon, mango and mint flavourings. However, after tasting them the flavours really do work. They would be even more delicious on a lovely summer’s day with a glass of fruity wine. Something else I love about the curls is their suitable for Vegans, have not artificial colours or preservatives and being a lentil snack they are a little more forgiving, than a maze or potato snack.

Overall, both of these snacks were delicious I think being a spice lover meant I naturally preferred the Chilli and Lime Potato Grills. If you’re looking for a cooler more refreshing snack then stick with the Mango Chutney Curls. They are a great versatile snack perfect for lunch boxes, treat nights, quick snacks, party nibbles or a fantastic addition to a curry. Well done Cofresh on not just making a delicious product but also providing a product which can be made into an experience.



9 thoughts on “Cofresh Chilli and Lime Potato Grills and Mango Chutney Poppadom Curls

  1. This review left my tastebuds tingling; I was salivating and the very thought of these delicious snacks accompanied by a fruity wine of a hot summers day, made me crave and relish that experience even more!!!! 😉

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