The start of a, hopefully, life changing event.


Since the birth of my son, Ralph, my life has been redefined and re-purposed in so many different ways, all for the better.

Even though I love my 9-5 job the thought of returning to work is becoming more daunting. I have come to realise I have a new found motivation, a desire to strive for a better quality of life.

I know I am extremely lucky for all the things I have and the things me and my husband can provide but that doesn’t stop me wanting to tweak a few things and one of these things is more time with my loves ones.

So I have been thinking how is this achievable without dropping my hours at work, which unfortunately is not financially achievable?

As many of you know I’ve been testing products for companies for a long time, nearly 10 years, and recently have been working on providing market research and data. I’ve carried out work for some huge names such as Debenhams, Mcdonads, Avon, Thisworks, Cofresh and hundreds more. I haven’t shared any of my reviews on social media, I know I’m old fashioned.

From just working directly with companies I have been able to top up my wage consistently each month and this is with only a little effort. This then got me thinking some more if I fully threw myself into this, shared my reviews, how much more could I realistically earn? How many more companies might want to work with me?
After many years of toying with the decision and many people urging me to, I have decided to take the plunge, cease my new found motivation and see where it takes me. Yes it might not work out. Yes it might not supersede my bread and butter job but the beauty of this type of work is I can fit it around me and my family. So I’m taking the leap and seeing where it take us.

#strivingforbetter #producttester #letsmakethishappen


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